Do it yourself: wooden houses

Design and build a wooden house, at present not for builders: you can do it yourself quickly, cheaply and for all audiences. Although 'do it yourself' has been booming in the 21st century, it has been proven for decades that not only were it a viable alternative, but that it went far beyond the realm of decoration.

Of course, those who wish to complete the whole process of building the wooden house on their own will need a little more time and many tools (hammers, nails, screws, rachet sets, among others). It will take more than 3 or 4 months to prepare and cut the materials and a couple of weeks to assemble the pieces like Lego.

Problems and solutions with wooden houses

However, many 'do it yourself' enthusiasts are not likely to dare to spend a large sum of money on materials without knowing if they will be able to do so.

Those who want to start in the world of housing construction can start with more modest projects. For example, anyone can build the smallest house in the world, which has an area of only one square meter. With wooden planks, screens, rachet sets and wheels, it is possible to have this 'do it yourself' room before embarking on more ambitious projects.

Ultimately, go to a builder

Some builders offer a complete collection of prefabricated houses. With an instruction manual, something more complex than that of prefabricated furniture. Anyone can acquire their kit of materials and make their own home, but in this case with the help of a construction company.

Although we may never become skilled architects or skillful masons, many companies may offer to help us raise a modest wooden house with some help and advice. So you can be proud of having laid the first stone of your house, or to be more precise, the first piece.